Can you feel the love?


Forged through fire does top notch work and they are very professional. As a company, they strive to please the customer market. Their main goal is to glorify God in this ministry. We are 100% satisfied with the numerous products we have purchased. God bless Forged Through Fire.




Really refreshing to see such grace among believers. blessings to you, your house, your work and all associated with what you do. We pray for your continual prosperity.



Thanks for the great shirt! I'll always be reminded of Proverbs 27:17 when I put on my ‘medal of proverbs’ tee.



We love our shirts!  My grandson proudly boasts of his unique fashion and wears it to school to make impression to others. What a guy.  Our granddaughter wore her LOVE tee on her 7th mission trip.  Such a heart of gold. The smallest of the LOVE shirtS went to my littlest granddaughter. They LOVE their unique fashion!



I would like to say thank you to the team at Forged Through Fire. I bought a couple of t-shirts for a friend of mine that is struggling with cancer and she wears this shirt every time she goes for a treatment. This last December I bought a couple of the hoodies for Christmas presents. One actually got to the person I was planning on having it but the other ended up in my wardrobe. We love them and are proud to wear them.



Great quality and service. We highly recommend Forged Through Fire.



I know Jeremy personally and know the quality of work. He's dedicated and determined to give you the very best. Forged did a project for on one of the committees I sat on and we were thrilled with the shirts. And the hats - don't get me started! Love them.