Screen Printing

Got ink?


Design is all around you. It powers our expression in so many ways. Take a look around and you will see someone that has a t-shirt, a tank top, a hoodie or any one of thousands of other printable items that convey a part of their identity. 



Wichita Southeast Wrestling - T-shirts for State Championship Brew Co. Coffee House | Dilly Deli - T-shirts and Hoodies

When Ink and Shirts Collide


From the local softball league, family reunion, corporate retreat on up to custom apparel lines our team is here to help point you in the right direction for your project. Our goal is to let your expression be proudly conveyed through your products. The type of substrate, texture and color of ink all play special roles in this creation process. In the end, we want you to have as much pride using or wearing your new products as we do in making them for you. 


Run for Their Lives 5k - Marathon Fundraiser T-shirts Baconius Infidelus - Bacon Fueled War Machine - Designed for a veteran multi-tour warrior during his battle with cancer - he won!