Our Story

Keep Calm and Carry On


Keep Calm and Carry On - Untraveled RoadNeither of us had an easy road to get where we were at that moment when we met. That long and winding road took us over 30 years to find each other and of all places we landed in kansas. Yes, Kansas.

Little did we know that a storm was coming and shortly there after and we endured some of the toughest years of our lives. It seemed as though some of our dreams might disappear into the distance. Then it happened, that defining moment when a vision for Forged came to light. Lead by our faith we did some soul searching and came to realize that everyone has struggles in their life and when we opened our eyes we noticed we weren’t different than any of you. Our passion had been reignited.

Past, Present, Future...


Anvil - Forged Through Fire - Proverbs 27:17Taking what we had known from owning businesses in the past, we started laying down the plans for Forged. After that, we trusted in our faith to guide us through the days, months and years to come. we we are a ministry first business which means that we will always keep our faith at the center of what we do.

You might ask, "Why did we choose the name 'Forged Through Fire'?” Our reason is because each of us goes through trials and those trials melt us down, pour us out and allow us to be reshaped or forged into something new. the process is similar with design, screenprinting and embroidery. whatever the medium may be it takes on a new form or a new life when it is finished.


The Continuing Journey


Bible - Journey AheadWe walk beside each of you and pray for you to know that you are not alone. We love that God has given us this opportunity to build a company that gives honor to his name. It is also our prayer that our company continues to speak life and allows us to be a walking witness wherever we go.

Much love and blessings,
Jeremy & Roxanne

As iron sharpens iron, So one person sharpens another ~ Proverbs 27:17